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Enterprise App Trends to Watch in 2016

Enterprise apps are on the rise and it’s not just the apps for mobiles. As a matter of fact, in 2015 and 2016 the general high trend in mobile application development are enterprise-focused  due to various factors including high…

Tips and Trends

Apps to Watch in 2016

Mobile application industry flourished beyond expectations in 2015 and it continues to grow exponentially in 2016. It appears that everyone is forced to jump into the game, some for a piece of this pie and some out of obligation.…

Tips and Trends

APIs for Internet of Things: The future is Now

Internet of things is the future that we have been watching in the movies things are only going to improve, while Land.ly is also built to provide you with unified cross platform links, the service was developed keeping internet…

Tips and Trends

Going Viral with Land.ly in 2016

Making that viral post that makes users fall like the coins from a vending machine is every marketer’s dream and yes it’s a game of numbers yet numbers alone don’t do much without a proper strategy to put across…